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West Prignitz Marriage Abstracts to 1700
Callenberg Marriage Abstracts to 1750

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Latest Update: 20 Sep 2006

The Immigrant Genealogical Society has acquired volumes of astracts of all existing marriages from West Prignitz churchbooks up to 1704 and Callenburg churchbooks up to 1750. If you can give the surname of both the bride and groom, we can cross-check to see whether they occur on the same page. Marriage abstracts usually mirror the marriage record in naming parents, occupation, residence, parish and age.

West Prignitz Marriage Abstracts

West Prignitz lies along the Elbe River where borders of the present states of Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg intersect. Our volunteers can count how many marriages of one surname took place in the area surrounding each of the large towns, or can search a particular parish / town that you might wish to specify.

West Prignitz marriages center around these sizeable towns:

___ Havelberg
___ Lenzen
___ Perleberg
___ Putlitz
___ Wilsnack

Calenberger Marriage Abstracts

Calenburg was a political entity in earlier times that included the city of Hannover and considerable surrounding area to the west and south. These marriage abstracts are from the churchbooks of the parishes in that area. The first set includes all records up to 1700. They are arranged by the areas around these major towns:

Calenberg Marriage Abstracts to 1700

___ Amt Calenberg
___ Coppenbrügge (Coppenbruegge / Coppenbrugge)
___ Hannover City 1
___ Hannover City 2
___ Hannover suburbs
___ Hameln City
___ Hameln / Pyrmont
___ Neustadt / Wunstorf
___ Pattensen / Springe

Calenberg Marriage Abstracts 1701-1750

This second series is not yet complete. However, the parishes in the area of these sizeable towns are already abstracted and indexed and we can search them for you.

___ Hannover Old City
___ Hannover Suburbs
___ Hannover New City
___ Hannover Garrison
___ Langenhagen / Wunstorf
___ Loccum / Neustadt

Our volunteers can search any of the three sets of marriage abstracts listed above, and count how many marriages of one surname took place in each area. If you give both groom and bride's surnames, we can cross-check for a specific marriage. We'll make copies of up to 3 pages for you -- you may designate a parish.
Donation -- US$7.00 for each set of records searched

Indicate which set(s) of records you wish searched:

___ West Prignitz to 1700
___ Callenberg to 1700
___ Callenberg - 1701-1750

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