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___ Schaumburger Auswanderer (Schaumburg Emigrants). Rieckenberg. Both legal and illegal emigrants from the Grafschaft Schaumburg, 1820-1914, circa 10,000 families. Included is name, place of origin, parents' names and occupation, emigrant's occupation, birth date and & place, marital status, family members, assets, destination, details, emigration date, and source document.
Fee - US$5.00

___ Auswanderer aus dem Furstentum Lippe, up to 1877, Verdenhalven. (Emigrants from the Principality of Lippe) Circa 5,000 families.
Fee - US$5.00

___ Auswanderer aus dem Furstentum Lippe, 1878-1900, Verdenhalven. (Emigrants from the Principality of Lippe) Circa 2,500 families.
Fee - US$5.00

___ Rhineland Emigrants, Yoder. (German Settlers in Colonial America.) 24 Lists compiled into one. Circa 4,000 persons listed.
Fee - US$5.00

___ German Immigrant Servant Contracts--Philadelphia, 1817-1831, Grubb. Circa 1,900 persons.
Fee - US$3.00

___ The Germans of Colonial Georgia, 1733-1783. Jones. From 27 sources, 3,000 plus persons.
Fee - US$3.00

___ Ships Passenger Lists - Port of Galveston, Texas, 1846-1871, Galveston County Genealogical Society, 7,800 names.
Fee - US$4.00

___ Saarland Emigrants 1709-1799, Golzer. Ca 420 families to North America. Gives year of emigration, place of origin, usually the source and ship.
Fee - US$3.00

___ 18th Century Register of Emigrants from Southwest Germany, Hacker. This book extracts all emigrants destined for the U. S. from 10 of Hacker's earlier publications. About 30,000 persons.
Fee - US$6.00

___ Master Index to the Emigrants Documented in the Published Works of Annette K. Burgert, Burgert. Index to her first thirteen volumes (4 books and 9 Monographs) about 18th-19th Century emigrants to the Southeastern Pennsylvania area, by the expert in that area. Annette has identified the place of origin of many of these emigrants. Give your emigrant's full name. If found, you may order copies.
Fee - US$5.00

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