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Resident Lists from Pomeranian Localities
(Towns and Kreises)

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Rügenwald District Inhabitants - 1648-1730.

The Rügenwald District, History and Inhabitants, (Das Rügenwalder Amt, Geschichte--Bewohner), by Sedina Archiv, published in 2003, provides both history of the Rügenwald area, province of Schlawe, and lists of inhabitants from 1648 through 1730. The inhabitants are listed by village of residence, their occupation or standing as a farmer, in the years---1648, 1659, 1663, and 1730. It covers agricultural areas, not large cities.Our volunteers can check the indexes and copy pages that show your ancestor's name. A map will show the location of the type of estate on which your ancestor lived--Abbey lands, colonists' lands, lands belonging to cities, estates, etc. We'll provide translation of terms as necessary.

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Rügenwald District (Schlawe) Residents -- 1731 - 1803

A new publication in our IGS Library contains lists of residents paying land taxes and mill fees in Rügenwald District, Schlawe Province, Pomerania (now Poland), between 1731 and 1803. Of course these lists include only the heads-of-household. A helpful chart lists all the surnames included, showing how many times each surname appears in each village.This is invaluable for identifying possible villages of origin, if your family surname is not a terribly common one!

We can copy the chart for you showing how many times one surname appears in each village will explain how you can then request a search in a specific village.

The 1731 lists are of residents paying land taxes either on lands of the Duke or on Abbey Lands.The lists for 1736, 1742, 1748, 1757, 1770, 1775, 1787, 1795, 1803 are of patrons of mills in the same jurisdictions, plus in the 3 independent towns in that area.These lists should include most Heads-of-Household in those particular years.

The Duke's Jurisdiction included: Altschlawe, Barzwitz, Dörsentin, Freetz, Järshagen, Jershöft, Kannin, Karzin, Kopahn, Köpnitz, Körlin, Krakow, Kuddezow (Alt), Kuddezow (Neu), Kugelwitz, Lanzig, Masselwitz, Meitzow, Natzmershagen, Neuenhagen-Amt, Palzwitz, Rützenhagen, Scheddin, Schönenberg, Stemnitz, Vitte, Wilhelmine, and Zillmitz.

The Abbey's Jurisdiction included: Abtshagen, Altenhagen, Beelkow, Böbbelin, Buchow, Büssow, Damerow, Damshagen, Eventin, Göritz, Karnkewitz, Malchow, Martinshagen, Neuenhagen-Abtei, Neuwasser, Panknin, Parpart, Pirbstow, Preetz, Schlawin, Steinort, Wandhagen, Wieck, and Zitzmin.

The Independent Towns are: Russhagen, Suckow, and Zizow.

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Kolberg County, 1937

Das Kolberger Land, (Kolberg County, Pomerania), This book describes the villages of Kolberg County, now in Poland, and lists the heads-of-household in villages in 1937. Volunteers of our Society have indexed these 1,700 persons. We can check in which village(s ) one person's name appears and send you a copy.

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Agricultural Directory of Pomerania, 1939

Landwirtschaftliches Addressbuch der Province Pommern is a sizeable 3-volume set that lists the property holders in Pomerania in 1939 (both Vorpommern and Hinterpommern). For each village is listed the property holder, value of each property, uses of the land, number of various kinds of livestock, and farm equipment owned. Immigrant Genealogical Society can copy pages where one person's name appears, and translate abbreviations and column headings. The index to these records is online at: Agricultural Directory of Pomerania, 1939. Check whether your ancestor's name appears, or ask us, before ordering.

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