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Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census Indexes

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Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census Indexes


In 1819 the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin ordered the taking of a census of every inhabitant in the Duchy. Lists made by the mayors (cities) and the Amtsmanner (villages) were to be given next to the Pastors to check against their records for accuracy. The census identified about 393,000 inhabitants. However, keep in mind that it does not include Mecklenburg-Strelitz nor Vorpommern.

The 1819 census included each person's number on the census list, sex, his/her given and surname, date of birth, birthplace, the parish to which the birthplace belonged, family relation or occupation, property owned, how long he/she has lived there, whether single or married, the family's religion, and general comments. Every person living in the household is listed.

The Immigrant Genealogical Society has acquired published indexes to the 1819 census of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. The 5 indexes list by surname every family in every village in the entire Duchy. The Salt Lake FHC Library microfilm copies of the entire 1819 census are also available at the Los Angeles LDS Family History Center.

___ Our volunteers can list each time one surname appears in the 1819 index volumes, list the place of residence, and provide the code to locate the person/family on the census microfilm rolls.

If your surnames are quite rare, you may send up to 3 rare surnames. List on line below.
If your surname is one of average occurrence, we will give you details on 15 families and show how many more occurrences the indexes reveal. You may then order details on further entries if desired.
If your surname is very common (Muller, Schmidt, Meyer, etc.), you must specify one city or one county or village for which you wish us to provide information for you.

After you have studied the list of persons of your surname, you may wish to read the original census on microfilms of the LDS Library in Salt Lake City. If you prefer, one of our volunteers can make a copy of an entry on the 1819 census at the Los Angeles LDS Family History Center, or transcribe and translate an entry for you. They are of course written in Old Gothic Script.


___ The Duke of Mecklenburg ordered Pastors to submit Registers of their communicant members in 1751. IGS has the published reports which show occupation, names of all individials in the household 14-15 years or older, and their relationship to the family. Our volunteers can list each parish in which one surname appears. We'll enclose copies of up to 5 entries and explain how to order more, if available.
Fee - $11.00


___ This Mecklenburg "census" is the first inventory of the population after the Thirty-Years'-War. It is compiled from Pastors' reports of communicant members (100,000) similar to the 1751 census. We'll list parishes where one surname appears, enclose up to 5 copies, and explain how to order more.
Fee - $11.00

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___ Volume M indexes tax-lists for Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1704 and marriages ca 1680-1720. We'll count the times one surname appears in each city/amt, enclose 3 copies, and explain how to order more.
Fee - $7.00

A 1727 list of Land-owners and maps showing by surname the plat they owned, may be of interest after you have located your ancestral town. Apparently maps for all areas did not survive. Inquire first.

Circle above which Mecklenburg Census you wish us to check. Fill in the necessary information below.


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