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___Schweizer Einwanderer in den Kraichgau nach dem 30-Jahre Krieg, (Swiss Immigrants Into the Kraigau after the Thirty-Years-War), Diefenbacher, et al., about 5,335 persons. Fee - US$4.00


___Viernheimer Auswandererbuch (Emigrants from Viernheim), Knapp, 151 pages.
Fee - US$3.00


___Lingen nach Amerika, (Emigrants from County Lingen to America), over 6,100 emigrants.
Fee - US$5.00


___Münster Area Emigrants - from Permits to Emigrate -- mentions 15,000 persons from Westphalia.
Fee - US$5.00

___Emigrants from Minden District, Vol. I (Westfälnische Auswanderer aus dem Regierungsbezirk Minden) Over 18,000 who emigrated with or without permission (1816 and 1900).
Fee - US$7.00

___ Emigrants from Minden District, Vol. II, Over 73,000 emigrants, leaving without permission.

___Vivat Amerika, Auswanderung ... Kreis Minden (Emigration from the Minden Area, 1816-1933). Fee - US$5.00

___Auswanderer der Gemeinde Ladbergen, 1830-1930 (Emigrants from Ladbergen), Berlemann. Over 1,300 persons, many to New Knoxville, Ohio. Many family details. Translation provided. Fee - US$5.00

___Auswanderer Chronik der Gemeinde Lienen, (Emigration History of Lienen), Steinfurt. Pre-1800 to 1939, over 2,886 persons. Religion, birth, spouse, children, parents, deaths.
Translation provided.
Fee - $US$5.00

___Let's Go To America (Eastern Westphalia to the U.S.) 1838-1900. Lähne and Bad Oeyhausen. In English! Includes approximately 1,000 surnames.
Fee - US$5.00


___ Emigration to America from Trier in the 1800's (Die Amerika-Auswanderung aus dem Stadtkreis Trier im 19th Jahrhundert), Mergen. Over 1,000 surnames. Translation provided.
Fee - US$5.00

___Emigrants from Enkenbach, beginning 1700, Braun. 125 families. Translation provided.
Fee - US$5.00

___Emigration from Kaiserslautern in the 18th Century, Braun. Includes 55 surnames, many details. Translation provided.
Fee - US$5.00

___Auswanderer aus Steinweiler (Emigrants from Steinweiler), Three centuries, Braun. 600 families. Translation provided.
Fee - US$5.00

___Emigrants and Immigrants in the Steinwenden Reformed Churchbooks. Braun. 1684-1780. Over 100 surnames. Translation provided.
Fee - US$5.00


___ Inhabitants in Haustadt and Honzrath in the 18th Century, Verburg. Over 200 families.
Fee - $5.00

___ Inhabitants of the town Leitersweiler, 1344-1522, Stoll. Approximately 450 families.
Fee - US$5.00

Mennonites --Rheinland Pfalz

___ Mennonites from Kähbärncheshof by Katzwieler, Schneider, approximately 300 families. Translation provided. Fee - US$5.00

___ Mennonite Emigrants from the Area of Stockborn, Schneider. Approximately 400 families.
Fee - US$5.00

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