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Deutschen Familienarchiv
(German Family Archives) --Supplement-- Volumes 101-125

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Latest Update: 14 Mar 2009

Deutschen Familienarchivs have a new, additional index. It covers volumes 101 through 125, which were published from 1988 to 1999. Genealogies about the following surnames are included in these volumes.

Achtziger, Arndt, Baarsen, Battenberg, Bruns, Clausen, Enderwitz, Feil, Feldmann, Feuerberg, Göring (Goering / Goring), Gorr, Haertel-Rodler, Harder, Harlos, Heil, Heinemann, Herzog, Hövel (Hoevel / Hovel), Huiras, Klüber (Klueber / Kluber), Kröber (Kroeber / Krober), Kruhöffer (Kruhoeffer / Kruhoffer), Lippe, Ludewig, Ludwig, Lueg, Lügde (Luegde / Lugde), Malchert, Marcus, Markowsky, Meckel, Metzel, Molwitz, Nadler, Otte, Otten, Otto, Overbeck, Parge-Zarm, von Pechmann, Quetz, von Roden, Rottmann, von Roy, Sack, Sarnow, Scherwitz, Scholtes, Scholze, Schwarzbach, Schwartzkopff, Schweimer, Seidl, Semmelroch, Sommerfeld, Stebner, Steinberg, Sträter (Straeter / Strater), Trautermann, Vandamme, Vorwerk, Westebbe, Wülfing (Wuelfing / Wulfing).

See also the initial finding aid covering Volumes 1-100.
See also the second supplement finding aid covering Volumes 126-150.

If one of these surnames interests you, our volunteers will copy and translate the brief "Contents Outline" for one surname, identify the earliest ancestor, the time period covered, the area where the family lived, and describe the type of material the genealogy contains. You can then decide whether or not you wish copies made for you. We will do this for a Donation of US$5.00.

Send your request to: Immigrant Genealogical Society (P. O. Box 7369, Burbank, CA 91510-7369, USA) using the order form available below.

Deutschen Familienarchiv Order Form

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Please mail your order and paymment in U.S.funds to Immigrant Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 7369, Burbank, California 91510-7369, USA.