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Researchers' Addresses, Surnames and
Location of Villages

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Latest Update: 20 Sep 2006

GERMAN FAMILY RESEARCHERS We have several major lists from Germany of researchers' names and addresses. We can search for persons researching either your German surname or your town. We'll provide the name and address of up to 6 researchers and a German-English letter so that you can write to them. Results for uncommon surnames cannot be guaranteed, and common surnames (Meyers, Miller, Schmidt) may not be related to yours. We'll try to give you recent addresses. Please check which search you want.

___ Ahnenlisten Kartei. (17 volumes) Indexes to Pedigree Charts of German researchers. More volumes are published as members of genealogical societies all across Germany submit their family research for inclusion.
Fee - $10.00

___ German Genealogists, 4 volumes published by the Hessian Society, indexing only the earliest ancestors on the researchers' pedigree charts. This means, the researchers have information about the more recent generations, too.
Fee - $9.00

___ Research Contacts (FOKO), a database of family names researched by members of four sizeable German genealogical societies. If no results are found in the requested source, we'll consult other older sources.
Fee - $8.00

____ BAHLOW'S GERMAN SURNAME BOOK A new English translation of Hans Bahlow's German Surname Dictionary makes it possible to identify places in Germany where a surname originated. Bahlow describes the origin of the surname, lists the earliest published references to it and the location where mentioned, and suggests variant spellings related to it.
Fee - US$5.00

___ Polish--Polish Surnames: Origins & Meanings, William F. Hoffman. We'll copy entry for your surname.
Fee - US$5.00

___ Pomeranian--Bahlow, Pommersche Familiennamen. Gives origin of a surname and sometimes location.
Fee - US$5.00

___ Mecklenburg Surname Booklet--Bahlow. Gives origin & meaning of surname, sometimes location.
Fee - US$5.00

___ Wend--Witte, Wendish Surnames. Includes 801 surnames, variants, meanings, and documents where found.
Fee - US$5.00

____ GERMAN VILLAGE SEARCH: Trained IGS volunteers will search for your family's village in three major indexes to German maps: We will locate the village on the map, and send you a copy (with a translation of Muller's abbreviated listings). Polish towns are not included.
Fee - US$12.00

___ Pomeranian Place Names, (Die Gemeinden und Wohnplatze Pommerns), by Brigitte/Klaus-Dieter Kreplin. Lists places with their civil and religious administrations as of 1932, a supplement for 1919 to 1945.
Fee - US$5.00

___ Donau-Schwabian Place Names, (Donauschwabisches Ortsnamenbuch), by Regenyi and Scherer. Covers early German settlements in Hungary, Yugoslavia and Romania known as the Banat and Sathmar. Maps included.
Fee - US$5.00

____ FANA (Familienkundliche Nachrichten): FANA is a query magazine enclosed in most German genealogical periodicals. We have indexes to all issues from 1956 on. We will search for one surname, copy the entry in which it occurs, translate it into English, and give you a German - English letter for correspondence with the submitter. We will provide the current five digit German postal code, too.
Fee - US$8.00

___ MEYERS' GAZETTEER (Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reiches) is the premier resource about existing villages when Germany was established in 1871. A reprint is in German, printed in Gothic fonts, and using many abbreviations. Name one village that interests you. Our volunteers will translate into English the information about it that is genealogically valuable. Because there are many villages of the same name in Germany, please tell us the county or a nearby town or city.
Fee - $15.00

Check if you wish a List:

____ 200+ Ortssippenbooks (Genealogies of A Germanic Village or Town)

____ 839 German family genealogies

____ 160 Early Irish pedigrees

Please CHECK above the search(es) you wish us to do. List below the names and towns needed for the search.



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