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The Old Lutherans

___ Old Lutheran Emigrants (Altlutherische Auswanderer). The term "Old Lutherans" was applied to Lutherans living in Prussia who refused to obey the order of King Friederich Wilhelm III that the Lutheran and Reformed churches should combine and use an order-of-service that he prepared for them. Some Lutherans refused to use the new service, and suffered severe persecution and death. Many eventually emigrated (from mainly Pomerania and Silesia) to Australia, Canada and the United States. Our issues of Familiengeschichtliche Blätter und Mitteilungen (Family History Bulletin) from the Central Office for Genealogy in Leipzig index these Old Lutheran Emigrants, telling from where they left and their destination (1835-1846). We can check whether your ancestor's name is included, copy and translate as needed.

___ Index to Auswandererlisten der Altlutheraner 1837-1853, (Old Lutheran Emigrants List), George Soergel. Includes only Pomeranian emigrants, lists emigrants by county and gives town of residence.

___ Freistadt and the Lutheran Immigration, the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Freistadt, 1989. This book describes the conditions in Europe which led to emigration, the journey, leaders and development of communities in both Buffalo, NY and Mequon, WI. All available letters written by the settlers and all written records preserved have been included. As much as possible, all families are shown with their relationship to others stated. Maps and old pictures show the community in early days, and the text tells what remnants have been preserved.

We can check whether the name of your immigrant is indexed in any of the records included.

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