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Background and Finding Aid Index for
FANA (FAmilienkundliche NAchrichten),
(A Major German Query Publication)
Volumes 9, 10, 11 and 12

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Latest Update: 25 March 2006

Index of FANA Finding Aids: For your information, this web page is both a background page on FANA and an index of FANA Finding Aid web pages posted here (Volume 9, issues 1-16, Volume 10 issues 1-8, Volume 11, issues 1-12 and Volume 12 issues 1-12).

Acknowledgement: The IGS (Immigrant Genealogical Society) and the CEFHA Webmaster thank Mr. Cecil Wiggins, secretary of IGS, for his help in digitizing part of the non-copyrighted FANA handout flyer that is used here on this page.

Background: The FANA (an acronym that comes from its full German name - FAmilienkundliche NAchrichten) is a small German language genealogy query magazine, printed in bulletin form, which is enclosed in (and mailed with) virtually all periodicals published by various genealogical societies in Germany.

These publications go not only to individual genealogists, but also to many research and genealogy libraries worldwide in areas where many German emigrants settled. These include the Family History Library (FHL) at Salt Lake City Utah as well as private groups such as the Immigrant Genealogical Society (IGS) Libray at Burbank, California.

Most of the entries in FANA come from researchers in Germany. However queries from outside Germany are welcomed (See "Submission of Your Query [by Postal Mail] to FANA: To be published in a future FANA issue" - the 8th paragraph below). You can also obtain a photocopy of the FANA query from the IGS, which has a complete collection of all issues of FANA.

How to Submit Your "Existing FANA Submitter" Query to the IGS (Postal Mail Only): If you wish a copy of the actual FANA query containing a specific surname, send your request with a fee of US$7.00 for each surname requested to the IGS Burbank California postal address. You may use the form below. The IGS will then copy the FANA column, translate it from German into English, and supply you with a letter (in both German and English) with the name and address of the submitter, which you can use to correspond with the submitter. Please list the volume numbers of the columns (volumes and issues) in which the surname appears, and don't forget to enclose your own name and address.

FANA Order Form

Please send a copy of the original German column and English translation for the
surname __________________ published in Volume ______ Issue ______.

FEE: US$7.00 per column

My Name _________________________________________________________________

My Address _____________________________________________________________

Postal Code (Zip + 4) ___________

Please mail your order and payment in U.S.funds to
Immigrant Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 7369
Burbank, California

Family History Library (FHL) Holdngs at Salt Lake City, Utah: The good news is that according to the FHL Catalogue the FHL has all the quarterly issues of the FANA bulletin (containing genealogy news, notes, queries and recommendations) starting with Band 1 No. 1 (published January 1956) and continuing at least through Volume 11 (see below). Each volume is indexed. The book call number for this collection is 943 B2f. The bad news is that FANA is NOT microfilmed, so use of it requires a visit to the IGS, or the FHL at Salt Lake City, Utah, as no FHL holdings are available for inter-library loan.

FANA Holdings at Other Libraries Worldwide: Most other major major German genealogy libraries, including the Deutsche Zentralstelle für Genealogie at Liepzig, as well as many other genealogy libraries and College research libraries in Canada, the U.K. and the USA are known to subscribe to FANA.

Submission of Your Query (by Postal Mail) to FANA (To be published in a future FANA issue) for : Please submit your query to:
FAmilienkundliche NAchrichten (FANA)
Postfach 1340
D-91403 Neustadt / Aisch, Germany

Publication Span: FANA has been published since January 1956.

Your Query to FANA: You may also submit a query to FANA in English. The publishers will then translate your query into German, publish it, and send you a copy of the German language page on which your query appears, plus a bill for its services (about US$15.00 -US$20.00, however the bill most probably will be denominated in Deutche Marks [DM]).

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