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Braunschweig (1500-1700, 1701-1750)
(Early German Marriage Abstracts)

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Latest Update: 20 Sep 2006

The IGS Library is acquiring marriage abstracts for as many areas in Germany as possible. Franz Schubert, now deceased, conceived and prodded local genealogists to start this project many years ago. Many of them are continuing their work. We will add other areas if they become available. These abstracts fill in some of the blanks created by the failure of various local officials to allow films of their records to be available through the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

We have acquired two sets of abstracts of marriages in the Duchy of Braunschweig--those from 1500 to 1700, and those from 1701 to 1750. Braunschweig was a rather small political entity, but it controlled many scattered bits of land over the years. The church records are the basis for these marriage records. They cover these areas:

___ City of Braunschweig
___ City of Wolfenbüttel (Wolfenbuettel / Wolfenbuttel)
___ Wolfenbüttel (Wolfenbuettel / Wolfenbuttel) District:
Salzdahlum, Schoppenstedt, Gross Biewende, Cramme, Üfingen (Uefingen / Ufingen), Lichtenberg
___ Helmstedt District:
Schöningen (Schoeningen / Schoningen), Konigslutter, Blankenburg
___ Gandersheim


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